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Generic name: RUXOLITINIB 5.0mg

Dosage form: tablet

Greater than 200 X 109/L: 20 mg orally twice daily

100 X 109/L to 200 X 109/L: 15 mg orally twice daily

50 X 109/L to less than 100 X 109/L: 5 mg orally twice daily





This medicine is used to treat certain types of inflammation (myelofibrosis, polycythemia vera).
It works by preventing your body from carrying out so-called nutrients. JAKAFI FOR SALE

Take this medicine by mouth and take it with your diet as prescribed by your doctor, twice a day. If you are unable to take the tablets, talk to your doctor about other ways to take this medicine. The dosage depends on your health, the results of your tests. JAKAFI FOR SALE

Jakafi has some common side effect which is as follows

brain infection


loss of coordination,


difficulty concentrating,

difficulty moving your muscles,

problems with speech,


vision changes.


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